A referral is the highest compliment that any business can receive. Auto Plus feels that you should be rewarded for passing on the word. If you're happy with our service, then you know that Auto Plus will give the same level of service to anyone that you send to us.

Who can you refer?

You can refer anyone - friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, your cashier at Jewel, your hairdresser..... you get the idea. The only condition is they must be a new client to Auto Plus and con not reside at the same address as you.

When do I get my rewards?

Every time one of the people you referred comes in and uses the $10 Off coupon you provided, you will get an email with a coupon for $10 Off your next visit at Auto Plus.

After 5 people use your coupon, we'll also send you a $20 Visa gift card.

Is there a limit to how many people can use my coupon?

Not at all. It never expires and can be used at either Auto Plus location. However, each new client can only use your coupon once.